Transformative Global Pediatric Nursing Education: International Mentoring Partnership


  • Sharon Metcalfe


international, nursing education, global, mentoring, pediatric, transformative


The nursing profession is continually evolving into a profession that is based upon

increasing diversity and international educational foundations such as Mezirow’s transformative learning theory. Nursing has embraced a wider perspective of care delivery that has transitioned since the advent of the internet and global communications between university and clinical institutions. Prior to the past decade, nursing education was confined to be one that promoted the basis for development of the profession from the solitary perspective of one collegiate institution. Currently, there have been many international service learning programs that have focused upon the development of nursing students delivering volunteer delivery of healthcare throughout the world. This review however, describes a unique and highly innovative, collaborative mentoring educational nursing partnership that has existed between one university within the United States, one university within the United Kingdom, and two pediatric hospitals located within both countries. The focus of this review is upon the guided, clinical mentoring program that nursing students have received through an annual pediatric exchange program that has allowed for maturation, professional growth, and increased awareness of the differences and similarities of the healthcare systems within the United States and the United Kingdom. This clinical partnership has been in existence for ten years and has become a mutual and successful collaboration that has involved over 150 students in mentored learning.