Shouldn’t We Expect More From Case-Based Learning? The Transformative Potential of Multidisciplinary Frameworks in Sustainability Education


  • Isabelle Juliette Giraudou, Dr The University of Tokyo
  • Thomas Tarô Lennerfors, Dr Uppsala University
  • Jonathan Roger Woodward, Dr The University of Tokyo


Sustainability, Case-based education, Multidisciplinary pedagogical frameworks, Collaborative teaching and learning, Global industrial companies, Law.


The case study method is not new: cases in their real-world context have been used not only for research but also for teaching in different disciplines for many decades. Multidisciplinary collaborative teaching and learning frameworks, however, can contribute to the development of sustainability case-based education in rather innovative ways. This short paper examines more particularly the transformative potential of a co-taught course based on a range of selected case studies and whose main feature consists in involving instructors and students from various educational backgrounds and two different higher education institutions, namely : Uppsala University in Sweden and The University of Tokyo in Japan (hereafter, respectively UU and UT).