Building 21st Century Skills Using an Academic Makerspace


  • Kerry Harmer Mount Royal University
  • Emily Dempsey Mount Royal University
  • Patricia Kostouros Mount Royal University


21st Century skills, makerspaces, child studies, capstone, youth in transition to adulthood, youth studies


This article aims to contribute to the growing, yet still limited, research related to the development of 21st century skills in the post-secondary population by demonstrating that the use of academic makerspaces in curricula can facilitate the learning of 21st century skills. This article reviews literature regarding current information about 21st century skills and their development in teaching and learning facilitated by academic makerspaces. On the completion of a Capstone course delivered in an academic makerspace, a qualitative research study was conducted with the participating fourth-year Child Studies students. The research focused on the development of 21st century skills, the impact of 21st century skills on the practice of child and youth care, and the suggestions for the implementation of similar programming in other post-secondary institutions.






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