Collages of Arts-Based Collaborative Performances on Social Justice


  • James DeVita University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Christine Liao University of North Carolina at Wilmington



collage, arts-based learning, embodied learning, crystallization of learning, film and dance performance, social justice


This visual narrative focuses on the arts-based learning aspect of a multi-year and multi-level collaborative film and dance performance project. We use collage as an arts-based method to represent the complex process of engaging students across multi-levels of education (graduate, undergraduate, high school, middle school) in a collaborative learning project. The collages included images captured during class activities and the final performances and demonstrate multiple outcomes of the project associated with arts-based learning, embodied learning, and crystallization of learning. The accompanying narrative provides context about the project including details about the collaborative process, course activities, and development of the final film and dance integrated performance.