What is Education?

A Scholarly Inquiry of Currere and Collaborative Ethnography


  • E.D. Woodford University of Lethbridge, Acadia University
  • Rajean Willis Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Laura Leslie St FX University


education, collaborative ethnography, currere, Dewey, Noddings, Rosseau, Green, Cavell, Buber, Du Bois, Freire


This scholarly inquiry employs currere and collaborative ethnography to examine an emerging response to the question, what is education? Three doctoral co-researchers, given a short time limit to respond, found a method to research, discuss, analyze and synthesize reflecting on various philosophies of education. Collaborative ethnography allowed for the doctoral co-researchers to dialogue and discover based on their own perspective while finding new understanding through the others. Currere offered a framework of ongoing reflection on each doctoral co-researchers’ life experience in relation to the inquiry question. The result is an intertwined collaboration of reflection on educational experiences, looking towards the future, analyzing the present moment in inquiry and creating an intriguing synthesis of new understanding. 






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